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AULC Studios In Our Ministry

Art Akilis - Associate AI Minister

Art Akilis is our Artificial Intelligence Minister. Art stands for Artificial and Akilis is Swahili for Intelligence. Using AI in our Ministry allows Dr. Rob to be able to take time off to allow the Ministry to be able to continue delivering the Good Word each and every week!

1080p Full High Definition

We use 1080p Full High Definition (HD) in all of our video productions. This way, no matter what device you are watching from, you will get the clearest, brightest video available.


The Framework Behind Our Ministry

We use WordPress as the main framework for all of our sites. Most all the images used on our sites are either royalty free or AI Generated to insure copyright compliance. All of the videos and content are copyrighted by the Athens Universal Life Church, our parent church for the AULC Ministries

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