The Technology Behind The Ministry cont’d


In this series, we are discussing the technology behind the Ministry and one of the biggest technologies behind our Ministry is our Roku Channel.

If you aren’t familiar with Roku, you can visit here to find out more!

Roku is a streaming platform that allows you to add channels on just about any subject or niche you can think of. Setting Roku up is easy and fast and before you know it, you are streaming some of your favorite platforms, such as Hulu or Netflix or any number of channels that are easily searchable and added to your profile.

We have had a Roku Channel for some time now, and you can see when you visit our Roku Channel that we have a lot of our past and recent sermons plus devotional and even some Christian Contemporary Music available.

We add our new sermons every Sunday and from time to time add devotionals and more music for you to enjoy as well!

There is much more to Roku than I can cover here, so check it out yourself!

One last question before I go…Do You Roku?

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