The Technology Behind The Ministry

A Brief History

The Athens Universal Life Church began as a Church Online in November 2012. However, the technology used in the Ministry began much earlier than that.

Starting back in 2007, Dr. Rob White began podcasting and videocasting and that is where the research began to make sound effects and video streaming (long before video streaming was a thing!), came into play.

Jump to 2009, and Dr. Rob began live streaming a local United Methodist Church on Sunday Mornings. Still in it’s infancy, there was a lot to go into video streaming, unlike today, with video streaming being used by everyone with a click of a mouse!

By late 2010, Dr. Rob had taken the pulpit of a small country church and used his knowledge to live video and audio stream his services. He also captured every service on video and then posted each video and podcast on the Church’s web site.

In early 2013, with no building or congregation, Dr. Rob took Athens Universal Church online! He began live streaming his sermons every Sunday Morning and posting the videos and podcasts on his own Church Web Site.

Since then, Dr. Rob has kept up with the the trends and technologies to keep the AULC Ministries up to date.

Today, every sermon is produced live, in our own Studio and then processed and rendered and then added to an online storage to go out to our web site and Roku and Amazon Fire TV, every week.

Let’s Look At The Technology

Besides having a fairly robust computer system, there are a few thongs that need to be added.

The computer system is an HP Laptop and I connect it to a couple of removable hard drives and a local area network, in order to have access to all of my archives and other software that I use in the Ministry.

For video, both local recording and live streaming, I use a Logitech C922 webcam. It is HD 1080p and does a much better job than the built in camera on the laptop.

I also use a teleprompter software package (freeware) to load my sermon notes on.

I use a green screen software package called XSplit, that interacts with my camera to allow me to use greenscreen technology without having to setup a green screen!

To record and/or live stream my videos, OBS Software (open source freeware) is about the best out there!

OBS allows you to setup a virtual studio, having your video and audio assets at your finger tips, along with transitions and other great tools available to create a great video!

I think I will stop there for this post and continue this look behind the scenes with my next post!

Thank you for reading this and hanging in there with me!

See you in my next post!

Oh, before I leave, here is a video that explains the XSplit software in a bit more detail!


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